Consulting Services

We provide consulting services in the following fields:

  • Application of physical and mathematical modelling tools to understand, modify or design a new metallurgical operation
  • Improvement of metallurgical practices
  • Development of new metallurgical practices aiming at: decrease raw materials, decrease energy consumption, modify the design or design a new process or equipment, etc
  • Evaluation of clean steel practices
  • Production of new types of steels
  • Evaluation of physicochemical properties of raw materials, hot metal, liquid steel, liquid slag, dusts, slags, sludges
  • Improve metallic yield on iron and steelmaking operations
  • Decrease coke rate including an Increase of PCI rate in the blast furnace
  • Recycling metallurgical slags
  • Benchmarking studies in process engineering
  • Literature review on specialized subjects on iron and steelmaking
  • All you can think in terms of improving existing metallurgical practices on ironmaking and steelmaking